Brac as portrayed by Pierre Lamielle in the film

Brac was the first son of Broud and Oga. As the firstborn son, the clan expected Brac to succeed Broud as leader of the clan.

When Brac was about three years old, he was snatched by a hyena during the clan's mammoth hunt. Ayla killed the hyena with her sling and saved the boy's arm (and his future as a hunter). For using a weapon, Ayla was cursed with death for a month.


Italics indicate an adoptive relationship: in this case, through Iza's adoption of Ayla as her daughter

Ancestors: Oga (mother), Broud (father), Ebra (grandmother), Brun (grandfather), and Uba (paternal great-great-grandmother)
Siblings: Grev (brother) and Durc (half-brother)
Extended Family: Uka, (maternal great-aunt), Creb (paternal great-uncle), Iza (paternal great-aunt), Uka's son (first cousin once removed), Ovra (first cousin once removed), Ayla (first cousin once removed), Uba (first cousin once removed), and Durc (second cousin)

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