Camp:Ninth Cave
The Clan of the Cave Bear:not mentioned
The Valley of Horses:not mentioned
The Mammoth Hunters:not mentioned
The Plains of Passage:not mentioned
The Shelters of Stone:appears
The Land of Painted Caves:appears

Brukeval is a member of the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii. He is a distant cousin of Jondalar and Marona. Brukeval is a rather troubled and angry man, having grown up being somewhat ostracised or judged due to rumours he is of mixed spirits.

Physical Appearance Edit

Brukeval is said to have some physical features of the Clan, leading some to speculate he is of mixed spirits (it is heavily implied that Brukeval's grandmother was impregnated by a Clan man). Hence, Brukeval is not regarded as being especially attractive, though Ayla, who grew up with the Clan, does find him handsome.