A form of banishment the Clan uses when a member of their group performs a disgraceful act. A death curse can be either permanent or temporary and can only be performed by the Mog-ur. When someone is cursed to death, the rest of the Clan avoids looking at them or listening to them and completely ignores them as if they were indeed dead. The Clan used the death curse against Ayla twice within The Clan of the Cave Bear. The first time she received a death curse it was for using a sling to kill a hyena that had snatched Brac. Ayla was cursed to death for one moon cycle, a temporary death curse; if she lived that long, she could return to her Clan. The second time Ayla was cursed to death, it was permanent. She upset Broud by speaking out of place when he became leader; he wanted to take away her son, Durc, and move Creb from his hearth. Broud became furious with her insolence and commanded Goov to curse her with death forever.