Folara is a member of the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii. She is the only daughter of Marthona and her third mate Willamar and the younger sister of Joharran, Jondalar and Thonolan.

History Edit

Folara is the first to spot Jondalar and Ayla as they arrive at the Ninth Cave and runs down to greet them, excitedly calling that Jondalar is home. Folara is surprised to see Ayla and their animal companions, but quickly warms to them. she is very happy to see her brother again, though she is also grieved to learn of Thonolan's death.

Towards the end of The Land of Painted Caves, Folara falls in love with a visiting Mamutoi man named Aldanor and decides to mate him, with Aldanor choosing to stay with the Zelandonii to be with her.

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